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"Hello you awesome people.... What I'm about to show you is something I tried to hide.... I still wish not to post myself but I will allow you to because it's something I've never seen on your page.... So I was relaxed bone straight before I decided to go natural a second time.... I went to my old friend barber for a hair cut and slowly this bald spot started to show and over time got bigger. I found you in November 2015 and started taking the vitamins around the 23rd... I also used the oil on that one spot...Even though I love to keep my sides and back short I'd love for you to know that my spot is long gone and I don't have to hide with fake hair and make-up. Thank you for this wonderful product and when I'm able to afford it, I can't wait to try your shampoo and other products....oh and by the way...I can't tell you when the last time I had a painfull pimple unlike hairfinity....I love you guys and have told everyone I know about your wonderful products!"


"I suffered from alopecia for several years. Tried hairfinity for over 2yrs from vitamins to shampoo/conditioner, it did not help my bald spot. I did have some growth but that's it. I gaveHairnamics a try for two months. I purchased vitamins and hair serum. I love your product! It actually works. My hair is fuller, bald spot gone! My hair is healthier & thicker!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You guys got it right!!!!" .


"I wore locs for 10 yrs. Unfortunately my loctician was slowly pulling my hair out by pulling & twisting my hair too tight. When I did my big chop I was devastated & embarrassed. I was just about bald on my right temple area and my hair stopped growing. I was diagnosed with traction alopecia and had permanent scarring. For 4 yrs I hid my hair under weaves & wigs hoping it would grow out so I could try and hide my thinness and balding area.Then I came across Hairnamics. I just finished my 3rd bottle Monday and wanted to share my results. I'm sooooo happy!" 


3 Month Results!


"Hairnamics is wonderful!!! My dry scalp is getting better and my scalp doesn't itch so bad!! My hair is fuller and thicker I love it, its grown... the center is almost completely full of hair again!!! I finally found something that works!! I wasn't sure at first about hairnamics cause my results seemed to be a slow process but now, I know it really does work." 


30 Day Results!


"I'm just so happy its not even a week yet and it started working for me. I started using the vitamins and the serum monday night and I'm seeing result already. I'm so excited" 

Abby - 4c Hair
90 Day - Results



“I bought your supplements mainly for the iron benefit and due to the great reviews. A couple of months ago I had gotten braids. I’m very tendered headed and the braids were too tight for me. Upon taking them out, I lost a small patch of hair in the back. I tried many different products to help but didn’t get much results. Then I ran across your products and decided to try the month supply. You never really know the results until you do a before and after and I’m so pleased with the results. I’m going to buy a two month supply soon and can’t wait for the results as well.”


"I've only been taking Hairnamics for 2 months and 4 days, but I'm happy with the results I've gotten so far! Thanks for creating a great product!"


"This is 30 days. I drink plenty of water, no stressful hairdos, and i have also incorporated the use of Jamaican castor oil. I am on my 2nd month. The product works you just have to be patient and take the vitamins daily with plenty of water."




"Move over Hairfinity and It Works, HAIRNAMICS is the real deal, I can already see growth within 10 days!"


"I started to loose the front part of my hair, I saw this product and decided to give it a try. Im so happy i did :) its Amazing the way my hair started to grow again.  I just wanted to thank you guys for this fabolous product. I will be recomending it to ALL my friends and family."


90 Day Results!


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