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Natural Hair

Lots of "BIG CHOPPERS", "TRANSITIONERS" & "LIFETIME NATURALS" have used HAIRNAMICS to grow out their hair as fast as possible, resulting in longer, thicker, stronger, and healthier hair, with more elasticity and vibrance. 


The IRON in our vitamins helps with dryness as well, since iron is critical to producing the sebum that makes the natural oils that come from within your hair, a common issue for many women.


SHRINKAGE IS REAL, so the sooner you start Hairnamics, the sooner you'll get to your on hair goals.




P.S. It does not matter if your hair is loose, braided, in dreads, or in some other protected style - hair growth happens INSIDE the body, so your HAIR STYLE, is not a factor.

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Relaxed Hair

Even if your hair is relaxed, Hairnamics can be a great asset to your health for several reasons. One being that you can get length much quicker, but also because the healthier and stronger you hair is, the less likely it is to be damaged and weakened by chemical processes like relaxers.


Lots of relaxed ladies love Hairnamics for faster length, thickness, and overall hair health.


It is still important, however, to take good hair of your hair and keep up your relaxed treatments. If you are going to stay relaxed, where new growth and relaxed hair meet can be very delicate and prone to breakage. 


Also, be sure to try our shampoos, conditioners, and styling products for relaxed hair, and definitely always use our heat protectants SILK IT OUT, and SUPER GUARD to protect your hair from heat styling methods!

Braids, Twists, & Locks

Wearing these style as a protective style or just because you love it, Hairnamics can help you grow stronger, longer, thicker hair, too! Lots of our customers are surprised how great their results are while pairing these styles with a healthy hair regimen using our vitamins, along with our growth serum, new hair grease, scalp cleanse, and other great products.


But another reason our products are useful for people who wear these styles, is because when in these styles you are not disposing of your shed hair, which adds weight to your hair, and if you are adding hair that can add even more weight. Your hair follicles were not meant to carry all this extra weight, so when you hair is not strong, you are likely to then have hair loss, and/or thinning. 


And we all know about the HAIR LOSS around the EDGES & NAPE that can be caused by tight braids, and constant tension caused by adding faux hair. If this has happened to you, you not only would benefit from our vitamins, but our amazing growth serum too. 


Massaging the serum on the scalp daily will help nourish the scalp and stimulate the hair follicles. This is will help promote growth, and can be used in conjunction with our vitamins for best results!

Hair Loss/Thinning/Alopecia

Hair loss for any person, male or female, can be devastating. But we are happy to report that many of our customers have had great results in these areas of hair loss using our vitamins and/or growth serum as seen in the adjacent photo.


Whether  caused by hair styling methods such as tight braids or ponytails, medications, hereditary disposition or stress, many customers have seen hair grow back in these areas, just like the ones seen in the adjacent photo, to their surprise and even in some case the surprise of their doctors, and/or hair care professionals. If the hair follicles are alive there's a great chance you would get great results too.


Massaging the serum on the scalp daily will help nourish the scalp and stimulate the hair follicles. This is will help promote growth and can be used in conjunction with our vitamins for best results!

Medical Issues

Enduring any kind of medical condition is already tough enough, so when illness, disease, and/or medications/treatments result in hair loss it's really hard on even the strongest person. So we are very happy to say so many of our customers who have faced these difficulties have had great results growing their hair back using our products. From cancer surivivors to those who lost hair due to medications like the Deprovera shot and other types of medications, we've heard from so many who let us know how our products have changed their lives or restored their self esteem, and that makes all of our hard work really pay off. We only stress that anyone with a medical conditon or under any form of medical care get their doctor's approval before taking our vitamins, just to be safe. We love helping everyone have beautiful hair, and we are definitely belive in safety first.

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Click this pic to see more results like these...

Click this pic to see more results like these...

Damaged Hair

Growing hair is one thing, but when you damage the hair that you already have, that can be depressing, even devastating, for anyone. Sometimes that means you have to start over by cuttting off the damaged hair, and/or transitioning out of it by growing in new hair and trimming off the damage gradually. Either way, it's not fun for anyone, and can be very frustrating as well. But we're thrilled to say that so many customers have been able to get new healthy growth to replace the damaged hair faster than they ever imagined by using our vitamins, and many have also used our shampoos, conditioners, treatments, and styling products to try to restore and revitalize damaged hair as much as possible, while new healthy growth is coming in. Whether the damage is caused by heat, relaxers, dyes, or other styling methods, our vitamins can help you grow new hair to replace it, and chances are another product can help you make the best out of it until all your new growth comes in.

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As the song goes, "We Love The Kids!"  Now, why we don't recommend you give your kids under 18 our vitamins without their doctors consent, just to be sure there are no allergies, medical condtions or issues that would prohibit them from taking them, and so the dosage is appropriate for their age, size, and medical history. Lots of parents still get good results using our growth serum to aid in growth by massaging it onto their scalp daily, which nourishes the scalp and stimulates the hair follicles.


Also, our new hair grease, Healthy Hair Royale is good for the scalp & growth too. And we are so excited to announce that we now have a kids' line of products called the "KIDZ KOLLECTION". The kids' line includes 3 great products to start, shampoo, conditioner, and awesome detangler, all paraben & sulfate free, that smell great and are awesome for managing and maintaining your little one's hair. They can be easily paired with any of our styling products to create incredible styles and looks that are good for their hair too!

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