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6 Month Results! 


I destroyed my hair with bleach & grew it all back thicker & healthier than ever with Hairnamics. I just kept cutting all the blond damaged hair away as the new healthy black hair grew in. Thank you for a product that really works!


90 day results after the Big Chop! 




Hi my name is Jessica, I have been using your product for 6 months and my results are amazing. I did the same 6 month test a year ago with another product and didn't get half these results! My skin didn't break out, my hair wasn't altered or dry, and it's adorable ! I definitely recommend Everyone use Hairnamics!" 


90 Day Results!

"Yes Hontey Yes! Hi Hairnamics, Well here it is! Look how much a sista Hair has grown!!! I'm going to due another 90 days,I am so happy I did not think woman over 50 could grow their hair,yes I'm over 50 and fabulous Darlings. And look at my Mane I so love Hairnamics 💙 💯, A customer for life." 
"Hello. I started my #hairnamics journey in December 2015 (with my first order being placed November 20,2015.) I took it for one month and then waited a few weeks to start back; very skeptical if I would see results or it be ANOTHER dead end as when I used other products (such as hairfinity). Wondering if people I seen on here were just people taken from other sites or something!!... My faith got the best of me and I placed another order..and another! Well, I am happy i did! Here are my results!!! I wanted to be different and show the curly side to my hair versus my hair straightened. As you can see, my hair has come SUCH A LONG WAY! I am so beyond satisfied with this product! In only 5 months, my hair has more than doubled in length! I am definitely a happy customer! I am in love with my length! I must say, it was a struggle to grow my hair and y'all have saved me!!" 

"First pic is I started using hairnamics on 10/3/15 the second photo is a month of using your products 11/16/15 my hair was thinning so bad that I had to cut it off and then I had a lot of scalp showing and it was also slow in growing. I just want to thank you HAIRNAMICS.Because I haven't found a product yet to do what you've done to my hair, and believe me I've tried them all. Sincerely a loyal customer." 


“My hair hasn't been this thick since Junior High or High School!"


"My hair is so much thicker & fuller, the way it was before relaxers. I haven't had any breakage while using your vitamins, & my scalp feels much healthier!!!! Just started my third bottle a couple weeks ago."



"Enough said. ......tried hair infinity, the brand -it works"hair skin and nails" supposedly the best products didn't do nothing for my hair. Hairnamics is doing what it says it does. worth my $$. Don't waste yours...." 


"Hi, my name is Amanda and here are my photos of my hair before and after 3½ weeks of using Hairnamics! I got almost one inch of new growth from using these vitamins! I'm not finished with my first month as of yet because I still have 4 more days worth of vitamins to take. But by the end of the month I should say my hair should have grown a full inch! Will be measuring it again soon! Can't wait to see my progress after 2 more months. Hope I get this amazing amount of growth! Since the beginning of the month my hair has grown ¾ of an inch!!!! More than I usually would get, and my hair grows pretty slow! During my last stretch (relaxer stretch) I had 2 inches in 6-7 months, so my hair does grow slow. Now I have 2¼ inches in about 5 months! I believe the iron in this product made all the difference, not like Hairfinity and Hairburst, those two products didn't provide the results I was looking for. But this, OMG!!!!! Thanks Hairnamics for creating a good, no, GREAT product! Will be checking back in October when I'm done with my 90 day challenge! P.S. The first picture is of my hair with some deep conditioner in it on August 1st and the second is 3-4 days (August 25th) post wash of my hair when I was moisturizing it. Will I be going natural???? We shall see!!!!!!!!!!!!!" 


“6 months of growth. Update on my hair journey. I never really think my hair is growing until I do comparison pics. lol”




3 Week Results!





3 Month Results!


30 Day Results! 


"I just received my order again, and I will continue to take Hairnamics, I love it.. thanks for giving my hair LIFE!"



90 Day Results!


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