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Curlnamics - 3 Step Curl System for All Curl Types (3a-4c)! Includes 3 amazing products! "Curl Pop" to retain Curl Moisture, "Curl Lock" To Maximize Curl Definition and "Curl Hold" To Keep Curls Elongated & Defined!

CURLNAMICS (3-Step Curl System)

  • This collection for curls includes three amazing products to POP, LOCK, & HOLD your hair: 1. CURL POP: Delicious velvety blend of natural butters and conditioners that is sure to leave dry curls conditioned and supple. Dry hair types in need of softening and conditioning oils and butters. Amazing to seal moisture all. Great styling aid for wash & go styles, twist outs, waves, and other styles requiring moisture, without a wet or greasy look. (6oz) 2. CURL LOCK: Holds, defines, and accentuates curls for a beautiful shine without the appearance of a Jheri curl, nor the film or flaking caused by some gels. (8oz) 3. CURL HOLD: Ultimate hold to keep curls defined and elongated without flaking or the filmy appearance of other gel products. (8oz)
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