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Perfect package for Dreadlocks, Braids or Twist Styles. Hairnamics Hair Vitamins will help you grow your hair faster and get your healthiest, strongest hair, which you need to withstand the weight of locks & braids! The Growth Serum helps keep your scalp nourished and stimulates your hair follicles, which helps promote growth too! And the Super-Scalp Cleanse helps keep your scalp clean between washes, soothes itching & inflammation. (Scratching your scalp with your nails can damage your hair follicles & create bald patches-even break the skin and lead to infection. So it's critical to take care of your scalp!) 

DBWT PACKAGE (Dreadlocks/Braids/Weaves/Twists Pkg)

  • This package includes the following: 1) 1 Month supply of Hairnamics Vitamins 2) 4oz Bottle of Growth Serum 3) 6oz bottle of Super-Scalp Cleanse Solution
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