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"Hairnamics Hands" - Our amazing Scalp Massager is great for both growth & de-stressing! Use daily to gently massage the scalp to help stimulate hair follicles and increase blood flow, which can help promote hair growth. Massaging also helps soothe the scalp and aid in relaxation, which is good for not only hair health, but your health in general. Stress can be a contributing factor in hair loss. Whether your hair is wet or dry, Hairnamics Hands can be great for help to exfoliate the scalp and lift buildup and dandruff prior to and while washing the hair. And it also aids best with growth when used with our amazing growth serum, since massaging also helps create natural heat, and helps the scalp absorb the many nutrients and essential oils included in the serum.

Hairnamics Hand Scalp Massager

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