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Perfect collection for your little one! Everything you need to keep their hair clean, healthy, and manageable! 


  • This collection for kids includes three great products: 1. KIDZ KLEANSING SHAMPOO: A sulfate & paraben free, organic, extra moisturizing shampoo with low lather created to moisturize the hair and scalp. It revitalizes the scalp and hair follicles, leaving hair clean, fresh, and super soft. (8oz) 2. KIDZ KREAM CONDTIONER: Super conditioning and moisturizing. Great for all hair types. (8oz) 3. KIDZ NO-KNOTS - Detangling Spray: Super detangling leave-in spray. Great for all hair types. Leaves hair soft, conditioned, and hydrated without leaving the hair greasy or weighed down. (8oz)
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